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If you are suffering from asthma, bronchitis, or upper respiratory infection, visit Grand Ave Urgent Care for treatment. We treat respiratory illnesses including asthma attacks and colds.  Lung disease increases susceptibility to contracting these illnesses and allows the illnesses to become more severe. Grand Ave Urgent Care administers the Pneumococcal Vaccine.  Walk-ins are welcome, no appointment necessary.

Acute bronchitis and pneumonia

Do you know the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia? They both cause bothersome coughs that can last for weeks but they have some important differences.

Determining whether you have pneumonia or bronchitis can come down to listening for hoarseness and whistling noises when breathing. Those with bronchitis typically experience both symptoms, while those with pneumonia do not.

Symptoms of bronchitis

If you experience a persistent cough, fatigue, chest discomfort and difficulty breathing, you may have a case of bronchitis. The cough typically starts out dry and develops into one that produces yellow or green mucus. A mild fever may also be present.

Acute bronchitis can resolve on its own within about a week but the cough may linger for weeks or even months.  Treatment will typically include a combination of rest, increased fluid intake, over-the-counter cold medicine and pain relievers, and use of a humidifier.

Symptoms of pneumonia

The three causes of pneumonia include bacteria, viruses and fungi. Pneumonia occurs when infectious organisms enter your lungs, either because you breathe them in, or they migrate from the nose and mouth. A viral infection is typically less serious than a bacterial one.  Pneumonia can lead to complications if left untreated, particularly in children and the elderly, or those with compromised immune systems or chronic health conditions.

Viral pneumonia:

Typically causes symptoms such as a mild fever, chills, body aches, a sore throat and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck. It may also produce a dry cough with only a small amount of mucus.

Bacterial pneumonia:

Usually results in a high fever and a cough that produces thick mucus. You may also experience shortness of breath and extreme fatigue.

Both types of pneumonia can cause chest pain.


Grand Ave Urgent Care is open well past normal business hours, providing you and your family the ultimate in flexible, affordable, friendly medical care. We recognize the uniqueness of children who are less than 3 months old. If your child is less than 3 months old, please see your pediatrician, family doctor or go to the hospital.

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