We partner with businesses across a wide range of industries – from transportation and education to law enforcement and family services – to help ensure their employees are healthy, happy, and ready to perform at their best every day.

Exams, Physicals

& Procedures

  • Functional Capacity – Back Fitness & Flexibility

  • Physical Demands screening 

  • Complete Gym purpose built for Physical Demands Testing 

  • COMPLETE Respirator Mask FIT Testing – Includes Spirometry
    & OSHA Questionnaire.

  • Chest X-­ray (1 and 2 View)

  • B-read chest X-ray (Asbestos and mining exposers)

  • Color Vision Screening (ishara) 

  • Stereo Acuity testing

  • DOT Physicals NEW & RECERT

  • EKG

  • OSHA Respiratory FIT Questionnaire Review

  • Pre-­Employment Physical 

  • Pulmonary Function Test 

  • Visual Acuity Screening (Snellen) 

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