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We partner with businesses across a wide range of industries – from transportation and education to law enforcement and family services – to help ensure their employees are healthy, happy, and ready to perform at their best every day.

Drug Screening

  • Onsite Drug and Alcohol testing

  • Breath Alcohol (DOT and Non DOT)

  • Confirmation Breath Alcohol Test

  • Hair Collection for Drug Screening 

  • Observed Drug Collections

  • RAPID 10 Panel Drug Screen 

  • RAPID 6 Panel Drug Screen

  • COMBO CUP (drug and alcohol urine screening)

  • ETG urine alcohol screening

Exams, Physicals

& Procedures

  • Functional Capacity – Back Fitness & Flexibility

  • Physical Demands screening 

  • Complete Gym purpose built for Physical Demands Testing 

  • COMPLETE Respirator Mask FIT Testing – Includes Spirometry
    & OSHA Questionnaire.

  • Chest X-­ray (1 and 2 View)

  • B-read chest X-ray (Asbestos and mining exposers)

  • Color Vision Screening (ishara) 

  • Stereo Acuity testing

  • DOT Physicals NEW & RECERT

  • EKG

  • OSHA Respiratory FIT Questionnaire Review

  • Pre-­Employment Physical 

  • Pulmonary Function Test 

  • Visual Acuity Screening (Snellen) 

Lab & Immunizations

  • Flu Shots

  • HIV Testing

  • Hep B Titer

  • Hep B Vaccine

  • Rabies (Vaccine and titer)

  • TB test (PPD)

  • TB test (Quantiferon)

  • TDAP Vaccine (Tetanus)

  • Urinalysis by Dipstick

  • Varicella Titer

  • Venipuncture/Lab blood draw

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Occupational Medicine Services at Grand Ave Urgent Care
in Laramie, WY

Just as Grand Ave Urgent Care delivers thorough and compassionate treatment to our urgent care patients in Laramie, WY, we also offer top-notch care to businesses who trust us for occupational medicine services. Because we have extended hours every day and don’t require appointments, we can accommodate a variety of work schedules. Additionally, our occupational medicine team is happy to help workers’ compensation patients with submitting medical paperwork and filing claims.

Contact Grand Ave Urgent Care to learn more about our occupational medicine services, or just stop in. Either way, a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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