Grand Ave Urgent Care Provides Flu Care to Families in the Saratoga, WY, Area

Flu Care Saratoga WY The Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that up to 20 percent of Americans are affected by the flu every year. That’s a lot of stuffy noses, sore throats, fatigue, and muscle aches! If you or a member of your family has fallen ill this flu season, we encourage you to visit Grand Ave Urgent Care in Laramie, Wyoming, for prompt and professional flu care on a walk-in basis. Our experienced medical practitioners have backgrounds in emergency medicine, which means they know just how to provide expert treatment in an efficient manner.

How is the flu treated?

Like most other viral infections, the flu most simply run its course. This may take a few days or a few weeks. There is no “cure” for the flu, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce symptoms and help streamline the healing process. For example, our practitioners may suggest antiviral medications to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and prevent more serious ones from developing, as well as recommend helpful tips to avoid dehydration and restore your health.

Contact Grand Ave Urgent Care near Saratoga, WY, today to learn more about our approach to flu care and how we can help you get back to feeling like yourself. We can also administer flu shots to help ensure you avoid getting sick altogether. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

In the event of life-threatening symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or chest pain, please call 911 immediately.